New Focus On Quality Content Sees HealthCanal’s Growth Rate Skyrocket

June 23, 2022

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HealthCanal Continues To Grow Over 1 Million Traffic per Month

GROVE CITY, OHIO, UNITED STATE, June 23, 2022 / -- Health Canal, a premier online health news provider, and publication, recently celebrated a yearly growth rate of 834.44% following a strategic move in organizational focus from licensed content to quality content, as inspired by Health Canal’s CEO Erik Pham. This growth rate signifies a pivotal milestone reached, with the company now a step closer to becoming the leading local and global medical and health news website.

Recently, Health Canal repositioned its offering to focus on audience growth and reach, with recent years heavily focused on health property, revenue, awards, and SEO ranking. The development process spanned three years and now accumulates in what is believed to be a new path in medical and health news reporting and delivery.

With this, Health Canal and its new management team have forged a path for other companies and online publications to follow and a global call for high-quality content and the elimination of poor content that was difficult to digest. Now, with positive outcomes achieved through the removal of poor, licensed content, quality issues are resolved, with global communities currently enjoying the benefits of year-long content investment.

HealthCanal CEO Erik Pham said, “We believe in quality. If you want to keep your audience, you should provide them with a useful and high-quality product. I believe that if we insist on improving and mindfully measuring the things we want to improve, we will continue to further succeed.’’

This sentiment is held by Erik and the 100 medical staff employed by the company - health experts, medical writers, medical reviewers, registered dietitian nutritionists, health & fitness writers, and CBD journalists and is reinforced by the company’s one-million-dollar investment into the content.

Erik added, “Healthcanal now focuses on public-friendly content and further provides health information to more people who don't have a medical background. Now global communities and new audiences can digest our type of medical and health information easily.”

After nearly a decade of curating academic content, Health Canal’s new approach to content publishing will see stakeholders enjoying organizational success and further growth; new and broader audiences, a more knowledgeable understanding of health content; and a worldwide improvement in health, wellness, and fitness.

About Health Canal:
Health Canal is a premier online health news provider and publication. Since 2009, Health Canal has been dedicated to providing students, researchers, healthcare professionals, government agencies, educators, and the public with health news and promotions that protect global populations. In 2022, it will expand to common health-related issues, wellness, lifestyle, and addiction.

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