October 13, 2021

Chemical-Free Organic Grow system

William Layton of Agria with his record-breaking pumpkin

Truly organic chemical-free USDA organic certified strawberries in the Agria grow system

Agria obtains support from prestigious Commonwealth Commercialization Fund (CCF) Grant for Chemical-Free Scalable Organic Farm Factories

This complete grow system uses no chemicals, pesticides, or artificial nutrients to grow truly organic crops with ease. It relies on using nature’s secrets to grow less expensive, healthier crops”
— William Layton
LYNCHBURG, VA, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ -- 3 Ridge Technologies Inc. (3RT) is one of the companies selected to receive the inaugural CCF Grant. This funding, which supports technologies with high potential for growth, economic development, and job creation in Virginia, will support commercialization of Agria™ Scalable Organic Farm Factories.

“Agria™ is a prime example of a business bringing an innovative and transformative solution to grow truly organic crops anywhere. We are excited to support 3 Ridge Technologies with CCF funding to commercialize the Agria™ product and look forward to improvements in nutritional value and environmental concerns as well as job creation in Virginia,” said Bob Stolle, President of the Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority (VIPA).

Agria™ is patent-protected agricultural technology that is close-to-nature grow-system which is chemical-free with no fertilizers, pesticides, or chemical nutrients used by hydroponics. It has ultra-low usage of water, and is deployed in controlled environment agriculture greenhouses, buildings, and shipping containers. The crops are packed with natural nutrients and flavor as nature intended. Agria™ is simple-to-grow, close-to-nature, seed-to-harvest, grow system for USDA certified organic crops.

“I developed this close-to-nature and easy-to-grow agriculture technology over a 10-year period upon shattering the Virginia state record for largest pumpkin by 358 lbs. with a 1,138 lbs. pumpkin. Trademarked as Agria™, Latin for to grow in the wild, this complete grow system uses no chemicals, pesticides, or artificial nutrients to grow truly organic crops with ease. It relies on using nature’s secrets to grow less expensive, healthier crops in a more efficient way to farm,” says William Layton, Founder of 3RT.

“We are excited to pursue our mission to feed the world with organic chemical-free crops. With our USDA Organic certification, Agria™ is a proprietary, economical, truly organic grow system that we license to growers, investors and communities looking for a more profitable indoor farming alternative to chemical nutrient-based systems. It accelerates profitability with its lower capital and operational costs leading to profitable agricultural operations for growers, farmers and investors,” said Bill Sareen, Co-Founder 3 Ridge Technologies.

3RT is one of a few agriculture technologies (AgTech)-focused businesses honored with a $100,000 grant from Governor Northam’s inaugural CCF round, which was developed through the Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority (VIPA). CCF seeks technologies with a high potential for economic development and job creation and that position the Commonwealth as a national leader in science- and technology-based research, development, and commercialization.

For more information about the CCF program, visit cit.org/ccf.

The Virginia Innovation Partnership Authority (VIPA), with the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) as its operating arm and managing nonprofit, was established in 2020 to support the life cycle of innovation, resulting in the creation of new jobs and company formation. VIPA supports the full innovation life cycle from translational research to entrepreneurship, and pre-seed and seed-stage funding as well as acceleration, growth, and commercialization. www.cit.org

3 Ridge Technologies Inc. is an agriculture technology company headquartered in Lynchburg, VA. It licenses and provides Agria™, a proprietary seed-to-harvest grow system that does not use any artificial chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, or nutrients. It is USDA Organic certified.
More information is available at www.agria.ag

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